How Do You Take Care of Peach Trees?


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Care for a peach tree by watering it regularly, fertilizing it often and pruning it for shape. Select a location for the tree that has access to full sun and well-drained sandy soil that has a neutral pH. Plant peach trees in the spring at least 10 to 15 feet apart depending on the variety. If the type of tree isn't self-fertile, plant at least two to produce fruit.

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After planting a peach tree, spread a 3-inch deep layer of organic mulch around the tree to keep the soil moist, and water it often using drip irrigation or a method that waters the tree slowly and deeply. Make sure the soil stays moist, but not overly damp or soggy, which can cause root rot.

Feed the tree a high-nitrogen fertilizer six weeks after planting and every month afterwards, and feed it twice during the growing season the next year. In following years, only fertilize the tree once per growing season. If the tree doesn't grow at least 10 inches per year, increase feedings. In the spring, add lime sulfur to the soil to prevent certain diseases.

In April, prune the tree for shape, and thin out the flowers to encourage better fruit production. Once the fruit ripens, harvest it immediately to prevent pest infestations.

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