How Do You Care for a Peace Lily?


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To care for a peace lily, provide adequate shade with indirect sunlight, keep the temperature warm and consistent, give it organic fertilizer, water it weekly, and transplant it when needed. Peace lilies are easy to care for with some basic maintenance.

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  1. Provide adequate shade

    Peace lilies thrive in areas with ample shade and indirect sunlight. Keep the plant between 5 and 7 feet away from a sunny window. If you notice brown spots or streaks, or yellowing leaves, it is getting too much sunlight.

  2. Keep a consistent temperature

    Fluctuating temperatures and excessive wind are harmful to peace lilies. Keep it in an area that stays between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Fertilize the plant

    Avoid using any sort of chemical fertilizer. At the beginning of spring and at the beginning of summer, provide an organic fertilizer. This improves the blooming process.

  4. Water as needed

    Peace lilies begin to droop when they require water. On average, they need to be watered once per week. Spritz the leaves with water. Peace lilies thrive when they are watered heavily and given a chance to dry before the next watering. Make sure to use containers with adequate drainage to prevent root rot.

  5. Re-pot when needed

    When the peace lily starts to require more water than usual, or if the roots show, transplant it into a larger container. Ten inches is usually the largest pot size needed.

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