How Do You Care for Pansy Flowers?


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To care for pansies, plant them in a sunny area, use well-drained soil, water the flowers regularly and fertilize them often. Once the blossoms begin to bloom, remove any dead or wilting blossoms to encourage growth.

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Plant pansies either in rich, well-drained soil or in pots with light potting mix. Add nutrients to the soil by working manure into it prior to or after planting. Place the flowers in full or partial sun. The plants need at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. If you are using pots, move the flowers so that they receive full morning light and afternoon shade. Place the flowers at least 4 inches apart during planting.

When the top inch of soil begins to feel dry, make sure to water the flowers often. When watering potted pansies, immediately empty the drip trays. Sometimes it is necessary to water pansies twice per day during especially hot weather. Also, feed the pansies twice a month with a diluted 5-10-5 fertilizer or blood meal.

Snip off the pansy blossoms as they start to fade. This practice encourages the plant to grow instead of making seeds, and also helps the plant to grow bushy instead of long and leggy.

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