How Do You Care for Orchids Indoors?

How Do You Care for Orchids Indoors?

How Do You Care for Orchids Indoors?

Care for an orchid indoors by using well-drained potting soil, placing it in a good location, giving it a humid climate, watering the plant well, fertilizing the plant occasionally and altering the care during the winter. You need orchid potting soil, fertilizer, water, a tray and pebbles.

  1. Use well-drained soil

    After it has finished blooming, repot your orchid in a pot that has drainage slits on the sides with well-drained soil containing pine bark and charcoal. You can also purchase an orchid potting mixture.

  2. Place the plant in a good spot

    Place the plant in a spot such as a east window that receives partial sunlight.

  3. Provide a humid environment

    Fill a tray with pebbles and water. Place the pot on top of the tray. This helps to add humidity to the plant. Regularly mist the plant with water.

  4. Water the plant well

    Water the plant well every week. Once in a while, soak the pot in a sink of water for a few minutes.

  5. Fertilize the plant

    Give the plant a weak fertilizer once a week during its growing season.

  6. Alter care during the winter

    During the winter, water the plant only once a month and stop fertilizing it. Continue to mist it with water.