How Do You Take Care of Orchids?


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In order to properly care for orchids, they need to be watered sufficiently once a week throughout summer and given plenty of air circulation. However, as the winter season approaches, it is best to water them sparingly to once a month, since they won't need as much water to stay hydrated during this time. Also, throughout winter, they may need to be kept in a warmer environment.

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Orchids are flowering plants that can be found in tropical regions throughout the world. They can usually be found living on forest trees, shrubs and rocks. Orchids thrive best in warm temperatures with substantial humidity.

They flourish in environments with enough fresh air, but too much water may actually harm them. Lack of water may even have the same effect as well.

Orchids are known for their phenomenal appearance and diverse combinations of colors, sizes and shapes. Orchids attract many pollinators including bees, butterflies, moths, flies and birds. Some orchids even have a unique scent in order to attract specific species of pollinating insects.

Orchids can be identified because of their unusual flower structure. The most noticeable characteristics of orchids are their three outer sepals and three inner petals.The sepals are typically vibrant in color, and they often form distinct shapes.

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