How Do You Care for Orchid Flowers?


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To care for an orchid flower, avoid excessive watering, and do not transfer it to a different pot while the orchid is blooming. Keep it in a warm area where it is not exposed to drafts or too much sunlight.

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Orchid flowers grow on trees, and their roots gather the correct amount of water to keep the plant healthy.

When an orchid flower is given as a potted gift, it is not the best environment for continuous growth. Instead of repotting the orchid when it is in bloom, avoid over-watering the flower or it becomes susceptible to root rot. Water it in the morning so that the flower does not stagnate in water overnight. Be thorough when you water the orchid, and soak the flower completely. Water with rain water or tap water. Calcium deposits can prove harmful to orchids, so check the water source if they start to form on the flower's surface. Keep the orchid out in the open air, and water every three days or once a week.

Once the orchid flower blooms, it stays in this state for several weeks. When the blooming period ends, cut off the wilted flower near the base, and transfer the orchid to a hanging basket. Continue watering infrequently, and allow the open air to dry the orchid out.

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