How Do You Care for an Old Washer?

How Do You Care for an Old Washer?

Caring for an old washing machine primarily involves keeping it clean on the inside and outside. For each load, measure laundry detergent carefully to ensure that both the clothes and the machine rinse properly. Additionally, it is important not to overload an older washer because this throws off its balance.

The outside of the washer is kept clean by wiping up spills and dirt as soon as they appear. Otherwise, staining occurs. Owners should remove any residue with a water-dampened cloth or paper towel. To avoid marring the washer's surface or harming its control panel, ammonia, bleach, abrasive cleaners and solvents should not be used. Owners should clean the washer's exterior weekly with a mild household cleanser or dish washing soap and water.

The inside of the washer's lid and the top of the drum should be wiped with a mild soap every week. Paper towels or cotton swabs are useful for cleaning small crevices and seams. After rinsing the entire area water and allowing it to dry, remove lint and other deposits from within the drum by using a water-dampened cloth.

It's necessary to deep clean the machine's interior if its cleaning ability seems reduced. First, run a full cycle using detergent and hot water on the largest load setting. Then, repeat the process using 2 cups of bleach instead of soap. Finally, run the cycle again without any cleanser.

To clean removable bleach and fabric-softener dispensers, soak them in water before using a household spray, and do not replace the until they dry. In addition, the floor on all sides of the washer should be vacuumed regularly to prevent the build-up of dust and debris.

To prevent mildew from developing, leave the lid of the washing machine open after use to let the interior thoroughly dry. Additionally, do not allow wet clothes to sit inside the washer.