How Do You Care for Norfolk Island Pine Trees?


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Care for a Norfolk Island pine tree by planting it in a full-sun location, giving it sufficient moisture, fertilizing it and pruning it. The lifetime varies depending on the size of the tree. You will need water, fertilizer and pruning shears.

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How Do You Care for Norfolk Island Pine Trees?
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  1. Plant the tree in the right conditions

    Plant the pine tree in a spot where it can receive full sun. It can survive in several types of soil, including well-drained, loam, clay and sand soil that are either acidic or alkaline. Plant it in a spot with plenty of space to accommodate the future growth of the large roots and height.

  2. Water the tree

    Make sure to give the tree sufficient water while it is still small in order to help it establish roots and grow. The Norfolk Island pine is a drought-tolerant tree, although it thrives in humidity. If the tree does not receive enough moisture, its needles will start to fall off, while too much water turns the needles bright yellow.

  3. Fertilize the tree

    Fertilize the young tree using soluble fertilizer every four to six months. Older trees require fertilizer every three to four months. Re-potting the tree should only be done every three to four years.

  4. Prune the tree

    Prune away dead branches at the bottom of the tree. Avoid trimming the tips of branches, which allow the tree to grow. Because the tree self-prunes, you do not need to prune it on a regular basis.

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