How Do You Care for a Norfolk Island Pine?

How Do You Care for a Norfolk Island Pine?

Norfolk Island pines require fast-draining soil, cool temperatures, humidity and bright, indirect light. The best soil composition for potted Norfolk Island pines is equal parts soil, sand and peat moss. The trees can reach a maximum height of 5 feet, and prefer pots ranging from 4 to 10 inches wide.

Norfolk Island pines are one of the few trees that respond very well to being misted with cool water rather than room temperature water. The trees grow especially well in high humidity environments so frequently misting them is important for the plants' overall health.

Norfolk Island pines should be watered every week during the summer months so that the soil is kept moist. During the winter months, however, the soil should be allowed to dry out completely before the tree is watered again.

The pines grow best in daytime temperatures around 65 degrees and slightly cooler temperatures at night. The tree should receive indirect, filtered sunlight and be rotated periodically throughout the day so that it receives an equal share of sunlight on all sides.

Norfolk Island pines should never be excessively pruned as this causes the plant to stop growing and could ultimately kill it. The only pruning that should be performed is to remove dead branches and brown tips.