How Do You Take Care of New Sod?


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The primary way to take care of new sod is to frequently water it within the first couple of weeks and then transition to fewer times watering in the second two weeks. After this point, the sod should only need to be watered every two to three days.

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Water sod very thoroughly after it is first installed, making it spongy. For the first two weeks, water the sod three to five times per day. Make sure the sod is wet to a depth of at least 4 inches. If the weather is hot, use a sprinkler system to ensure the sod never dries out. Avoid walking on the sod during this time to allow it to take root. After two weeks of this frequent watering, allow the yard to dry enough to mow it.

In the third week, reduce the amount of times spent watering the sod to between one and three times per day. If the soil is not drying out, skip a day between watering. Going into week four, water the sod one to two times every other day. After week four, the sod only needs to be watered every two or three days. Water the sod either in the evening or during early morning to mitigate the amount of water evaporation.

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