How Do You Care for a New Sensitive Mimosa Plant?


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The sensitive mimosa requires full sun or partial shade, temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and well drained, fertilized soil to survive. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens states that, despite its name, the sensitive mimosa is a hardy plant that can thrive with the proper care.

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How Do You Care for a New Sensitive Mimosa Plant?
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Kew Royal Botanic Gardens recommends a steady temperature of around 64 degrees Fahrenheit to encourage seed growth. Seedlings require warm temperatures, adequate sunlight and damp, well drained soil to thrive. Garden Guides recommends growing the sensitive mimosa in rich soil that contains compost and peat moss.

According to Plant Of The Week, fertilizer should be diluted to one-half the recommended strength. Fertilize plants weekly during the warmer months of the year to boost growth. A fertilizer that is specifically designed for use on tomato plants or a fertilizer that is high in potassium should be used on sensitive mimosa plants, according to Garden Guides.

During the winter months, the sensitive mimosa needs protection from cooler temperatures. Storing the mimosa in a sunny location indoors protects the plant from frost damage, which can kill leaves. Kew Botanic Gardens states that the sensitive mimosa is prone to infestations by pests. Use a commercially prepared pesticide to remove infestations.

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