How Do You Care for a New Lawn?


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Newly planted lawns need significant care and management. While the root system begins growing, irrigate the lawn lightly and often. Take special care when mowing grass for the first time, and limit foot traffic for several weeks. Once the new lawn is established, apply nitrogen fertilizer about six weeks after planting sod and four to six weeks after lawns planted with seed have sprouted.

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When planning for a new lawn, create a water delivery system before planting, as both under- and over-watering can cause new lawns to fail. Water the sod twice daily, including once in the middle of the day. When new root growth begins, reduce watering to every few days. After four weeks, sodded lawns can thrive for longer periods without water. After seeding the lawn, use a sprinkler to lightly water it four times daily, beginning in the early morning and finishing in the early evening.

Lawns typically include various species of grass without other plants. Kill weeds and maintain the lawn's green color to make it look well-kept. Regular mowing is also important to keep the grass low and neat. Lawns are usually kept short to make them aesthetically pleasing and useful for sports and recreation.

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