How Do You Care for New Guinea Impatiens?

How Do You Care for New Guinea Impatiens?

Colorful New Guinea Impatiens require just a few minutes of care each day. Needed supplies include basic gardening tools, fertilizer and soil improved with compost.

  1. Plant them in the ground

    Space plants about 18 inches apart in a garden that gets no more than a half day of sun. Plant them in groups for the biggest impact. Water them regularly, as they don't tolerate drought well. Once a month, feed them with a low-nitrogen fertilizer, or every week with a diluted liquid fertilizer. These plants are heavy feeders. Signs of underfeeding include yellowing leaves and weak stalks.

  2. Plant them in containers or hanging baskets

    Space the plants tightly in the container. Check the soil regularly; never let it fully dry out. Fertilize weekly with a liquid fertilizer made for containers plants. Nutrients get leeched from the soil in containers quickly so regular fertilizing is essential. Place the containers in a semi-shaded area

  3. Use as a houseplant

    You can also grow New Guinea Impatiens indoors. If cared for properly, they grow and bloom all winter. Place them in a location with bright light and at least a few hours of direct sunlight each day. Choose a container with good drainage. Keep the soil moist, but never soggy. Re-pot the plants in the spring if needed. For the summer months, give the indoor plants fewer hours of direct sunlight.