How Do You Take Care of Mums?


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Indoor mums require bright, indirect sunlight for the entire day, and outdoor mums should receive five hours of morning sun, followed by shade in the afternoon. Avoid extreme temperatures, keeping their climate between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring mums indoors to avoid winter frost and on hot summer days.

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Mums should be watered on a regular basis, and well-draining soil should be used. If the soil is dry within an inch deep, the plant requires water. The plant should be watered deeply at the soil's surface. When water flows from the bottom of the pot, the plant is sufficiently hydrated. Excess water should be removed from the drip tray following a watering session.

When foliage dies in the autumn, cut it back. To encourage healthy blooming, remove spent or wilting blossoms. Fertilize mums at the beginning of spring when they begin blossoming. A balanced 10-10-10 blend is ideal. Water mums with the fertilizer once every month until the blossoms show color in the middle of summer.

When new stems reach 5 inches in length, pinch back the tips. Keeping stems consistently at 5 inches throughout the middle and end of summer delays flowering until autumn and also helps the bush and flowers to thrive.

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