How Do You Care for a Mother Fern?

How Do You Care for a Mother Fern?

Garden Guides suggests placing the mother fern in a spot with a steady source of sunlight and ample room between the fern and other plants to allow proper air flow. Water the fern until moisture seeps through the potholes. Fertilize the plant with liquid fertilizer or fish emulsion once a month. Be sure to keep the plant free of dirt and dust and to re-pot it as it grows.

Place the fern near a window that faces east or about 3 feet from a window facing west or south. Placing the plant near a window that is covered by a sheer curtain is another alternative.

Nurture the plant with lukewarm water. Begin watering when the soil surface feels dry, and do not water again until the soil lacks moisture.

Keep the plant away from anything that prevents air flow; this means not hanging the plant too close to the ceiling as dry, warm air can wilt the plant. Cleaning the fern is necessary for adding air circulation and keeping pests at bay. When cleaning the fern, spray it with a gentle mist while holding it over a sink or tub.

If using liquid fertilizer, use a house plant variety that is diluted. Avoid over-fertilizing, and remember that fertilizing is not required during the winter months.

Remove the plant from the pot when small, white roots begin showing through the drainage holes. Move the plant to a pot that is a size larger than the old one, and fill the new pot with peat potting mixture.