How Do You Care for a Moses-in-the-Cradle Plant?

care-moses-cradle-plant Credit: adaduitokla/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

A Moses-in-the-Cradle plant is cared for by keeping it in bright light but not in the direct sun, watering it regularly but not too much, humidifying it and keeping it warm in winter, and repotting it in spring when it grows too large. This type of plant grows well in good-quality all-purpose soil, to which a small amount of liquid fertilizer is added monthly.

Moses-in-the-Cradle is an attractive plant with dark green sword-shaped leaves. Small white flowers that bloom at any time of year grow in the center of the leaves. Originally from Mexico, it thrives in well-drained soil in a dry climate. In pots, containers or hanging baskets, it grows well both inside and out. It can also be used as a groundcover or bordering plant, though in some areas it is considered invasive. Even though it needs to be watered regularly, it is prone to leaf diseases and rotting if overwatered. The sap needs to be avoided, as it can irritate skin and cause discomfort or nausea if ingested.

Propagation is possible either through seeding, cutting or dividing. Gardeners can purchase seeds or harvest them from their own plants. The seeds should be sprinkled in warm, moist potting soil. Cuttings should be dipped in rooting hormone, placed in soil until roots begin to grow and then transferred to other containers.