How Do You Take Care of a Money Tree?


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Money trees are hardy plants that require little maintenance other than regular watering and watching for any signs of distress. Because they are originally tropical plants, money trees kept in northern climates may need special attention during winter to obviate the effects of low sunlight and humidity.

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Water the plant generously until the soil is full and the water begins to come out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. The optimal container size depends on the size of the plant; a too-small container inhibits root growth, while an overly large container can retain too much moisture and rot the roots.

During winter, when less sunlight is available, cut back on water and food for the money tree. Reducing water and fertilizer allows the plant to rest and balances with the reduced sunlight. Pay attention to any changes in the leaves during this time. If the leaves become brown and crinkly, the plant may not be receiving enough light or the humidity may be too low. As a tropical plant, the money tree favors high humidity. Over the winter months, consider keeping the plant in a south facing bathroom and away from the dry air from vents and drafts.

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