How to Care for the Miracle Fruit Tree?

How to Care for the Miracle Fruit Tree?

Caring for a miracle fruit plant is a process that lasts the entirety of the plant's life. In order to care for a miracle fruit plant, you will need access to an area that has regular rainfall, a large bucket and several large plastic bags.

  1. Choose a good location for the plant

    Make sure your plant is in a good location. Miracle fruit plants need temperatures of around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure to cold temperatures can kill the plants. Additionally, the plants need a modest amount of sunlight. Artificial light can also be used to help the miracle plant grow if necessary.

  2. Water the plant regularly

    Set up your bucket outside so it captures rainwater as it falls. Tap water can be damaging to miracle fruit plants, so it is very important that you water the plant with captured rainwater. The soil surrounding the plant should be damp but not soaking wet. Check the soil regularly and apply a small amount of water if it begins to dry out.

  3. Ensure the plant's humidity is sufficiently high

    Determine the humidity of your local climate. Miracle fruit plants thrive in very humid areas with 80 percent humidity. If your local humidity is too low for the plant to survive, wrap it in plastic. This will increase the humidity that the plant is exposed to and help it grow healthily.