How Do You Care for Miniature Roses Grown Indoors?


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Care for miniature roses indoors by ensuring that the plant gets at least six hours of sunlight each day. Water it regularly. Keep the rose plant in a cool room, and repot it once a year.

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Miniature roses need a lot of direct sunlight, so place them in a window with southern or western exposure. Turn the plant regularly so that a different side faces the sun to promote even growth. Feel the soil for dryness each day, and water it if needed. Miniature rose plants are prone to fungus, so do not let the plant sit in water. Prevent fungus by watering in the morning or early afternoon.

Miniature roses need a dormant period in order to bloom the following year. If bringing the plant in from outdoors, place it in a cool room or on a cold windowsill, and keep it there until spring.

Repot miniature roses once a year in the early spring. Use a sterilized container that is wider at the top than on the bottom. Add a layer of drainage material to the bottom. Commercial potting soil that contains pearlite, peat moss and compost works best. Remove the rose from the old pot, shake the soil off, and place it in the new pot along with the new soil.

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