How Do You Take Care of a Miniature Rose Plant?


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Care for a miniature rose plant by placing it in a location with plenty of sunlight, watering it often and fertilizing it once a month. Remove any dead or damaged limbs after the plant finishes blooming for the season.

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Choose a well-lit planting site that has well-draining, loamy soil with a slightly acidic pH. A few weeks before planting the miniature rose bush, amend the top 12 inches of soil with 4 inches of compost to improve drainage and enrich the soil.

After planting the bush, water it well, and continue to give it moisture regularly throughout the growing season. Because a miniature rose bush has shallow roots that dry out easily, check the moisture content of the soil regularly during hot weather, and water the bush daily if needed once the top inch dries out using a drip irrigation system.

Fertilize the bush with liquid plant food every month during the blooming season with larger doses of granular slow-release 19-16-12 fertilizer three times during the growing season. After the blooms fade, thin out the canes, and cut them back by at least one-third. Remove all the leaves and any dead or damaged limbs to prevent the plant from creating a moist environment for fungal diseases.

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