How Do You Care for a Miniature Pine Tree?

A pot that is well-drained and filled with loamy soil is best for a miniature pine tree. The plant should be watered on a minimal basis and placed in a location that gets at least six hours of sunlight. The plant must be fertilized during the early part of the spring and pruned on an annual basis. The tree and trunk may be wired to reach a desired shape.

The plant's container should have a depth as large as the trunk's diameter and a height around two-thirds that of the tree's height. A clay or wood pot that is resistant to rotting and a soil type that is moist is ideal.

Soil should consist of equal amounts of peat moss, pine bark compost and soil filled with plenty of nutrients. Gardeners should pot the plant by spreading a bottom layer of soil, situating the plant in the center, filling the pot with soil and packing the plant into position.

A finger in the soil can help gardeners feel for dryness and water accordingly. Water should be added only when the soil is dry. The plant has enough water when it leaks through the drainage holes. Water for this plant should be lukewarm.

A slow-release, 10-10-10 fertilizer is best for the miniature pine and should be applied with water to ensure it reaches into the soil.

Pruning should be done before the growing season. The shape should be molded over the years. Gardeners complete shaping the branches and trunk after the growing season and pruning with copper wiring. Wiring should be one-third the size of the trunk or branch. Wiring should be wrapped from the branch's base to the tip in a circular fashion and at a 45-degree angle. The trunk should be wrapped first, followed by the branches.