How Do You Care for a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors?


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A Meyer lemon tree grown indoors needs to receive plenty of light, be fed with quality fertilizer and receive the proper amount of moisture. Branches should be pruned back in the spring to encourage new growth. Pollination should be assisted to aid fruit production. These basic elements of maintenance ensure that the tree will thrive inside a home.

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As a citrus plant, Meyer lemon trees need several hours of sunlight a day. They should be placed near a window where they receive direct sunlight. If the indoor light is insufficient, it can be supplemented with low-energy LED growing lights. Soil should be a high-quality standard potting mix that drains well, is rich in nutrients and is slightly acidic. A high-nitrogen fertilizer, slow release all-purpose fertilizer and special citrus fertilizer are all effective supplements. The trees should be watered thoroughly, but not too frequently. Before re-watering, the first few inches of soil on the top of the tree's container should be dry.

Outdoors, flying insects pollinate citrus trees. Indoors, pollination needs to be aided by using a small paintbrush or cotton swab to gently transfer pollen from male blossoms to female blossoms. The fruit may take up to a year to become ripe. As it only ripens while on the tree, it should be allowed to ripen fully before being carefully cut off the plant with a pair of scissors or a knife.

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