How Do You Care for a Mandrake Plant?


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Care for a mandrake plant by placing it in a suitable location, using proper soil, watering it correctly and composting it often. When planting a mandrake, place it in a location away from children and pets, as the bright red-orange berries produced by the plant are poisonous.

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How Do You Care for a Mandrake Plant?
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The mandrake plant thrives best if planted in full or partial sun. Use rich, well-drained soil. Avoid clay soil, which does not drain well and can cause root rot. The soil needs to have a neutral or slightly acidic pH level. Mandrake plants measure 16 inches in length, but grow along the ground instead of up, so make sure to give it plenty of space. Although this plant is hardy and can handle cold temperatures down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, keep a young plant indoors during its first winter. When you are ready to plant it in a permanent location, do so after the last frost in late spring or early summer.

Keep a new mandrake plant thoroughly watered until the roots become established. You can tell it is established when it starts to grow fruit. Add compost to the soil so that it remains moist and the plant receives plenty of nutrients, especially while establishing the roots.

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