How Do I Take Care of a Magnolia Tree?

How Do I Take Care of a Magnolia Tree?

How Do I Take Care of a Magnolia Tree?

According to Magnolia Society International, magnolia trees require very little care. To care for these trees, you need mulch, pruning shears, fertilizer and iron chelate. Proper maintenance takes less than an hour.

  1. Choose an area to plant and grow the tree.

    Choose an area where the magnolia tree has plenty of room to grow. The soil should be rich and well-drained. Add organic material to the soil when planting if needed. The tree needs partial shade. Apply mulch around the base of the magnolia tree.

  2. Prune the tree

    Prune the magnolia tree after it has finished flowering. Cut branches down to the base. Remove dead limbs, and shape the tree, if desired. Remove limbs circling the trunk of the tree.

  3. Treat the tree

    Magnolia trees can develop an iron deficiency known as chlorosis. Treat chlorosis by applying iron chelate, following the directions found on the label. Iron chelate can be found at many garden centers.

  4. Water if necessary

    Water only if experiencing a drought. Otherwise, frequent watering isn't needed.

  5. Use fertilizer

    If slightly acidic soil is causing the tree to grow slowly, use an acidic slow-release fertilizer. Apply as directed by the label. Apply peat moss, compost or well-aged manure lightly into the soil once a year, and water thoroughly.