How Do You Care for Lucky Bamboo Plants?


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Care for a lucky bamboo plant by placing it in a location with bright light, using well-drained potting soil or rocks, keeping it watered and making sure the temperature stays between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Feed the plant a diluted liquid fertilizer every few months.

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Plant the lucky bamboo plant in well-drained soil such as pebbles or potting mix, or grow it in water. If you're using pebbles, keep the container filled with at least 1 inch of water at all times, and change the water once per week. When watering the plant, use distilled or bottled water as tap water contains chemicals that can harm the plant. If tap water is the only option, leave it at room temperature for 24 days to get rid of the majority of the chlorine before using. Give the plant one drop of diluted liquid fertilizer once every two or more months.

Place the plant in an area with bright, indirect light, such as close to a window. Too much light results in scorched leaves while too little light results in faded color. If the latter occurs, move the plant a little closer to the window. Along with a warm temperature, the plant also requires some humidity. Regular misting from a spray bottle is helpful, as dry air can cause leaves to turn brown.

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