How Do You Care for a Loquat Tree?

care-loquat-tree Credit: mr_t_in_dc/CC-BY-2.0

Care for a loquat tree by choosing the right planting location, watering and fertilizing it regularly, and pruning it when necessary. Choose a self-pollinating variety unless you are planning to plant several trees near each other.

  1. Choose a suitable location

    Plant a loquat tree in an open area with plenty of direct sunlight. Be sure the tree is 25 to 30 feet from electrical lines, buildings and other structures. Keep the area around the tree's shallow root system free of grass and weeds, and put down a layer of mulch to retard weed growth.

  2. Water the tree, and fertilize

    Water a newly planted tree every other day for the first week and twice a week for the first two months. Water mature trees three or four times a year during growing season. Fertilize young trees every other month, starting one month after planting. Fertilize mature trees three times a year in late fall, early spring and summer.

  3. Prune the tree

    Prune mature loquat trees after the growing season by cutting back the branches by about one-third. Cut the branches just above new buds or leaf eyes. Cut off dead or diseased branches completely. If branches have become crossed, tangled or so dense that light and air cannot enter the interior, remove several branches from the center of the tree.