How Do You Care for Liriope?


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Liriope should be planted in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11 in loose, moist, fertile soil. It can be pruned back to the ground in the winter, as new growth quickly appears in the spring. Water regularly throughout the growing season, preventing standing water around the plant. Standing water encourages the presence of snails and slugs that feed on its leaves, harming the plant.

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Weeds can crowd out liriope when it is young and should be removed until the plant is larger and able to compete with the weeds for water and nutrients. Plants are easily propagated by division. The plant may be divided at any time during the growing season. Seeds or berries will also germinate if planted, though this method takes longer than division. When planting, space the plants about 12 inches apart to allow room for growth.

Liriope is native to the shaded forest floors of Eastern Asia. It grows in clumps, making it an excellent border planting. It is also known as lilyturf or border grass. The plant has dark green foliage that is 10 to 18 inches long. Violet or white blooms are produced in the summer, followed by white or black berries in the fall.

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