How Do You Care for a Lamb's Ear Plant?


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The lamb's ear plant, or stachys byzantia, should be planted in full sun and in well-drained soil that is not too rich or wet. Other than this, the lamb's ear plant needs little care. It does best in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 4 to 8.

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If lamb's ear is used as a ground cover, individual plants should be planted 12 to 18 inches apart. Lamb's ear needs a medium amount of watering. After they are established, some cultivars can stand some drought. Lamb's ear doesn't have too many problems when it comes to pests or diseases. Some varieties of lamb's ear can even tolerate predation by deer and rabbits. In addition, some varieties do well in rocky soil and city air. Lamb's ear is one of the few plants that can be planted successfully near black walnut trees.

The plant is a perennial and grows slowly. It has oval, silver-green leaves covered with soft hairs that give them a velvety feel. Because of this, lamb's ear can add texture and unusual color to an herbaceous border or alongside a path. The plant can grow to 2 feet tall and has a 2 foot spread. If it has blossoms, they come in the late summer.

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