How Do You Care for Kaleidoscope Abelia?

To care for kaleidoscope abelia, provide plenty of space, keep it in full sunlight, fertilize it yearly, prune it as needed, maintain the soil and water it when necessary. This is a low-maintenance plant, so caring for it is a relatively simple process, requiring very little time and effort.

  1. Give the plant space

    Kaleidoscope albeila requires an abundance of space to reach its full potential. Provide at least 5 feet of free growing space, as overcrowding is certain to hinder growth.

  2. Provide adequate sunlight

    Grow the plant in full sunlight to partial shade. This keeps it growing full and colorfully.

  3. Fertilize the plant

    Every year at the beginning of the spring, add a slow-release fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. This helps it to retain colorful foliage even while dormant.

  4. Prune as needed

    If the plant grows water shoots, prune them as soon as they're noticed. Between spring and the end of summer, trim the plant as needed to manicure its shape.

  5. Provide ideal soil conditions

    Kaleidoscope abelia grows best in well-drained soil with plenty of acidity and moisture. Because the plant is dry tolerant, avoid saturating the soil too heavily.

  6. Water only when necessary

    Kaleidoscope abelia is tolerant to drought. During lengthy periods of hot weather, provide a long soak occasionally.