How Do You Care for a Kaffir Lime Tree?

How Do You Care for a Kaffir Lime Tree?

Kaffir lime trees are often grown for their fruit and leaves, which are both used in Asian cuisine. Although they can be grown outdoors, they thrive indoors. Kaffir lime trees are fairly tolerant plants, but proper conditions should be met.

  1. Provide full sunlight

    Kaffir lime trees grow best in warm, humid climates with full sunlight. Keep the tree close to a sunny window if it is being grown indoors. In cooler climate zones, it may be necessary to grow the tree outside and then bring it indoors during the winter.

  2. Provide proper soil

    Keep the kaffir lime tree in well-draining soil that is moist, rich and loamy. Garden Guides recommends using two parts loam, two parts peat moss and one part sand for trees in containers.

  3. Water as needed

    Feel the soil to see if it is dry, and then water accordingly. Water slowly and deeply until water collects on the surface of the soil or drains freely from the bottom of the container. Gardening Know How recommends allowing the soil to dry between waterings; too much water can cause the plant to rot.

  4. Fertilize monthly

    Fertilize once every month for the entire duration of the year. Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer that is formulated specifically for citrus trees. Garden Guides recommends a 10-10-10 ratio. Follow the fertilizer manufacturer's directions according to the tree's size.