How Do You Care for a Juniper Bonsai Tree?

How Do You Care for a Juniper Bonsai Tree?

How Do You Care for a Juniper Bonsai Tree?

Care for a juniper bonsai tree by ensuring it has sufficient sunlight, good air circulation, a suitable soil mix and plenty of water. Fertilize it regularly, re-pot it when necessary and shape it by pruning and wiring. Gardeners need a suitable planting pot and soil mixture, pruning spears, scissors, bonsai wire and an environment that receives plenty of sunlight.

  1. Choose a suitable container and soil mix

    To achieve the cascading style of juniper bonsai growth, use a deep container, and for the upright styles, use a shallow container. For container soil, use a mix of half sand and half loam and peat. Re-pot the plant into a larger container when necessary.

  2. Choose a good location

    Place the juniper bonsai tree in a location that receives several hours of direct sunlight daily. Although it can survive indoors for two to three days, the bonsai needs to be outdoors where there is good air circulation most of the time. If sunlight becomes too hot, move it into the shade.

  3. Water the tree

    Water the tree daily during spring and summer, and mist it as needed in hot, dry weather. In fall and winter, water the tree when the soil feels dry. To ensure it gets sufficient water, ensure that the planting pot has holes in the bottom, and place the potted plant in a water-filled tray, refilling the tray with water when the soil gets dry.

  4. Shape the tree

    Prune the juniper bonsai tree with pruning shears and scissors in the spring and early summer. Cut off any dead growth, and remove at least half of new growth. As you prune, shape the tree to create a sense of symmetry. Use bonsai wire to shape and train the main branches and trunk.