How Do You Care for a Jujube Plant?


Care for a jujube tree by planting it in a suitable location, watering it well when it is young, fertilizing it and pruning it sparingly. You need a shovel, coarse sand, compost, fertilizer and pruning shears. Harvest the plant's fruit throughout the year, whenever it is ripe.

  1. Plant the tree in a suitable location

    Place a jujube tree in winter during its dormancy, and choose a location that gets ample sunlight. The plant thrives in soil that drains well, so if the soil is heavy, work some coarse sand into it. Be sure the hole encompasses the entire root system. Form a cone of soil in the center of the hole, and spread the roots over it. Apply compost to the surface soil once a year to keep it loose.

  2. Water and fertilize the tree

    Water a jujube tree several times a week for the first three months. Afterwards, they can be watered less often. Although jujube trees are drought-tolerant, they grow more fruit when watered regularly. Include rainfall into the weekly watering quota. During the growing season, fertilize the tree every other month. When it is fully grown, fertilize it only in the spring.

  3. Prune the tree

    Prune dead, diseased, broken and weak branches in winter during its dormancy. Trim root suckers to prevent the plant from spreading.