How Do You Care for a Japanese Blueberry Tree?

If properly located, Japanese blueberry trees thrive and require a minimum amount of watering, fertilizing and pruning. You will need a 10-10-10 fertilizer, pruning shears or loppers, and a garden hose. Maintenance tasks can be completed in under an hour.

  1. Choose the proper location

    Plant the tree in full sun with rich, well-drained soil that has a neutral to slightly alkaline pH level. Leave at least 30 feet of space between the tree and other structures to allow the root system room to grow.

  2. Keep the tree well watered

    Water the tree with 15 to 20 gallons of water each week during the first two years. Reduce these waterings to once every 2 weeks during the third year. Once the tree is established, water the tree when the soil feels dry.

  3. Apply fertilizer

    Fertilize the tree with a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer before new growth appears in the early spring. Mulch around the tree to provide nutrients, retain moisture and prevent weeds.

  4. Prune the tree

    Prune the tree in the winter while it's dormant to maintain an attractive shape. Cut small twigs and branches with pruning shears. Use loppers or a pruning saw for larger branches.

  5. Prepare the tree for cold temperatures

    Late spring freezes or frosts can cause tip damage. Cover the tree if cold weather conditions are predicted for your area.