How Do You Care for a Janet Craig Dracaena Plant?


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A Janet Craig dracaena is a common houseplant that is very easy to care for. It likes medium to bright indirect sunlight and does not require much watering. Sometimes called a corn plant, its leaves are long and a shiny dark green.

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Because the Janet Craig dracaena is originally from tropical East Africa, it does not do well in cold temperatures below 55 degrees. Easy to grow, this plant can be a table plant or a larger floor plant. Control its size by pruning in the spring or early summer. Cut it at the desired height and it sprouts a new set of leaves where it was cut. This plant can grow up to 10 feet tall if it is not pruned back.

The Janet Craig dracaena is also an easy plant to propagate. Simply cut a stem from the main trunk, let it sit with the bottom in water until roots appear and then plant in a small pot. The dracaena thrives when root-bound so it does not need frequent repotting. This plant does not require much plant food, either. Too much fertilizer can cause the leaf tips to burn and turn brown. The lower leaves can be cut off as they turn yellow and the plant will continue to grow vertically. Since it is so low maintenance, the Janet Craig dracaena is a very popular plant in homes and offices. It is even on NASA's top ten list of clean air plants.

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