How Do I Take Care of an Ivy Plant?

Taking care of an ivy plant requires keeping it at the proper temperature, making sure it gets enough sunlight, watering it regularly, potting it in the right soil and fertilizing it. Ivy is flexible when it comes to temperature, growing in both the cold and heat. However, it grows more slowly in the cold.

Another important aspect of taking care of an ivy plant is making sure it gets the proper light. An ivy plant is low maintenance in this department, requiring little sunlight. If kept indoors, this plant can survive on lamplight. If it is growing outside, it can be planted in the shade.

When it comes to watering, an ivy plant doesn't need constant moisture. It should be watered well and then allowed to almost dry out before being watered again. The amount of time between watering varies according to how quickly the soil dries, ranging from every day to every week.

A good potting soil for ivy is a synthetic soilless mix. A gardener can also make his own by mixing garden loam, peat moss, sand, lime and bone meal. Fertilizer that helps ivy to thrive is that which contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If synthetic soil is used, then the fertilizer needs to have added magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese and boron.