How Do You Care for Italian Capodimonte Porcelain?


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Care for Italian Capodimonte porcelain by keeping it in a dry area with mild temperatures and regularly dusting it over a padded surface with a soft brush or cloth. To remove larger amounts of dirt, gently wipe the porcelain with a damp cloth. Use mild, diluted dish washing soap on more severe stains.

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One key element to care for this type of porcelain is to keep it in a dry state as much as possible and avoid exposing it to any extreme temperatures. Capodimonte porcelain undergoes a process to reduce porosity, but is still highly susceptible to damage and deterioration when submerged in water. Extremely hot or cold temperatures, either in the air or from contact with water, may also cause cracks in its veneer, so room temperature liquid is safest for cleaning.

Dusting or other cleaning should occur over a soft surface to reduce impact shock if the porcelain drops. Cloths or brushes with soft bristles help to remove light debris without scratching the surface and leaving marks. Hard cleaning solutions, or those with abrasive components, may harm the porcelain and wear down the exterior, so a small amount of standard dish soap works best to remove larger stains.

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