How Do You Care for an Irish Juniper Tree?

How Do You Care for an Irish Juniper Tree?

How Do You Care for an Irish Juniper Tree?

Care for an Irish juniper tree by planting it in a good location, watering it thoroughly, fertilizing it annually and pruning it. Although each task only takes a few minutes, taking proper care of this tree requires years of dedicated work. You need water, fertilizer and pruning shears.

  1. Plant the Irish juniper in a good location

    Plant your Irish juniper tree in a location with full or at least partial sun where the weather does not reach extremely hot temperatures. Junipers are remarkably adaptable, growing well in wind, snow or even rocky ground.

  2. Water it sufficiently

    Give the tree plenty of water when it's young. After you first plant it, water it twice a week for a month, and then decrease to once every week until you are only watering it during droughts. This tree is highly susceptible to disease caused by overwatering.

  3. Fertilize the tree

    Every spring, apply a slow-release fertilizer to the tree. Get a fertilizer with a 16-4-8 or 12-4-8 ratio. After applying the fertilizer, water the tree thoroughly.

  4. Prune the tree lightly

    Prune the Irish juniper lightly by removing dead branches and trimming the tips. Only trim limbs with needles attached. New growth occurs on the wood without needles, which becomes a bare spot if trimmed.