How Do You Care for Indoor Plants?

How Do You Care for Indoor Plants?

To care for indoor plants, choose the correct plants, fertilize the plants regularly, water the plants, and wash them several times a year. Finally, monitor your plants continuously for signs of disease.

  1. Choose the correct plants

    Choose houseplants according to the amount of sunlight you can provide. Do research on houseplants that thrive in your specific climate and home conditions.

  2. Fertilize the plants

    Fertilize your plants regularly to promote healthy growth. Use a balanced fertilizer that contains vitamins, humic and amino acids. The best time to fertilize plants is from January to September.

  3. Water the plants

    Water your plants regularly. Consult an indoor plant book, or check the label for the best watering routine. Consider self-watering planters to make watering easier.

  4. Wash the plants

    Wash the plant leaves with a soft cloth, warm water and mild detergent every few months. Having dust and grime on houseplants is unsightly, and this dirt and debris also interferes with photosynthesis. Dust and grime also attract insect pests, such as spider mites.

  5. Monitor your plants for signs of disease

    Check the leaves during washing for signs of pests and disease. Use the appropriate pesticide on affected plants. Be sure to use insecticidal soap when washing your plants to prevent disease.