How Do You Care for an Indoor Palm Tree?

To care for an indoor palm tree, make sure it has plenty of access to natural light, keep it in a warm area and make sure that its pot has plenty of drainage. It is also important to ensure that it gets enough water.

To grow and maintain palm trees indoors, use the following steps.

  1. Choose an appropriate spot for the plant
  2. There are many different species of palm, each with different growing requirements. However, most species require lots of light, so choose a spot that gets plenty of natural light. Climate is also very important. Most species are tropical, so they prefer warmer temperatures of up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the day and 78 degrees at night. However, some species can tolerate cooler temperatures, so homeowners who prefer to keep their homes cool should choose those species.

  3. Plant the palm
  4. Plant the palm in a large pot with lots of drainage. Choose a container with holes in the bottom and place a saucer underneath.

  5. Fertilize the plant
  6. Potted plants often suck up nutrients fairly quickly. Therefore, owners should be sure to fertilize their plants a couple of times per year.

  7. Water the palm regularly
  8. Palms require a moderate amount of water, which means that they do not do well in soggy soil or totally dry conditions. Water the palm when the top half-inch of the soil dries out.

  9. Trim off dead growth
  10. Regularly trim away dead leaves or fronds. It can also be helpful to cut off any growth that is starting to turn yellow.