How Do You Care for Indoor Ficus Trees?


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Care for an indoor ficus tree by using well-drained soil, giving it access to plenty of bright light, watering it weekly and fertilizing it during the growing season every four weeks. Prune the plant once a year to limit its size and growth.

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Care for your ficus by making sure it is potted in a well-drained medium that contains vermiculite or perlite. This keeps the soil lighter. To make your own potting mix, combine one each part each of peat and sand and three parts loam into a large pot with drainage holes. After planting the ficus, place the pot at a window. It needs direct sunlight during the summer and indirect sunlight during the winter. Turn the plant regularly so that the plant grows evenly. You can place the plant outside in indirect sunlight during warm weather.

Water the plant once a week, checking the roots to make sure that they are neither dry or soggy. Yellowing and dropping leaves can be a sign of too little or too much water or light. During the growing season, dilute general-purpose fertilizer, and feed the plant once a month. Stop fertilizing during the winter. In late winter, prune the branches down to the nearest leaf node to control growth, limit the tree's size, and encourage fuller branching.

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