How Do You Care for an Indoor Bonsai Plant?


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Indoor bonsai plant care includes proper watering, root and branch punning and using the right soil and fertilizer. Indoor bonsai trees are prone to dying without proper care and attention.

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How Do You Care for an Indoor Bonsai Plant?
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Watering is an essential bonsai care element and needs to be done properly to encourage healthy growth. Too little water causes the tree to dehydrate, while too much water drowns the tree. The plant should be watered until the excess water seeps out from the bottom of the pot. The plant should not be watered again until the soil is almost dry, and the process repeated.

Next, plant owners should wait until the plant roots are grounded in the pot before attempting root pruning. This should be done at the start of spring. Root pruning involves getting rid of bad roots. The branches should also be pruned in early spring. This involves the plant owners selecting the branches they want to keep, and cutting off the rest.

Lastly, proper bonsai plant care involves applying the right soil and fertilizer. Plant owners are advised to visit the local garden center and consult with a bonsai specialist about their specific type of tree. The specialist can recommend the best soil for the plant. Bonsai requires water-soluble, high-quality fertilizer that contains a wide variety of nutrients. The fertilizer should be applied only when the soil is wet, and during the growing season.

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