How Do You Care for an Incrediball Hydrangea?

Incrediball hydrangea can grow up to 5 feet tall and equally as wide. Maintain a healthy plant with regular fertilization and pruning. You need hand pruners and a low-nitrogen fertilizer. Annual pruning takes between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the plant.

  1. Prune annually

    Prune your Incrediball hydrangea when its dormant, between the first hard frost and its growing season. Clean your pruners with an antibacterial cleanser and wipe the blades after each cut to prevent the spread of disease. Try to maintain the overall shape of the bush as you work, by cutting each stem to half its length or, to the ground. Perform vigorous pruning at this time for more blooms, as Incrediball hydrangea flowers on new growth.

  2. Maintain a healthy plant during the growing season

    Feed your plant before it blooms with a low-nitrogen fertilizer according to the package directions. Check the soil and amend it if necessary to ensure it drains well. Regularly remove dead, diseased or wilted stems from your bush to discourage pests and inhibit infection.

  3. Take precautions and plan for growth

    Keep your saplings in the garage to harden them during the first two winters, if you live in a cold climate. Give your plant the space it requires, or cut it back to control its growth.