How Do You Care for Hoya Plants?


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Care for a hoya plant by placing it in indirect sunlight, planting it in well-drained soil, watering the plant frequently and fertilizing it up to four times a year. During the winter, allow the plant to go dormant by avoiding fertilizer and decreasing watering.

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Plant a hoya plant in a pot in climates with dry, hot weather and cold winters. Because it comes from subtropical climates, this plant requires inside care and protection to thrive. When planting the hoya, use a well-drained potting medium with perlite, such as African violet soil. Place the plant at a north-facing window or outside in indirect sunlight. For outdoor plants, the temperature needs to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water the hoya plant regularly, and occasionally mist the leaves with water. However, never mist the leaves while the plant is flowering. Start fertilizing the hoya every spring with a liquid fertilizer, and continue to do so every four to six weeks. Stop fertilizing during the winter to allow the plant a period of dormancy. If the leaves start to brown or wilt, decrease fertilizer and increase water. Don't worry about the plant becoming too big for its pot; it grows well when root-bound.

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