How Do You Care for a Hosta Plant?


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Caring for a hosta plant involves making sure that it receives the proper amount of sunlight and is not damaged by hungry deer or slugs. Hosta plants require minimal maintenance and only seasonal fertilizing.

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How Do You Care for a Hosta Plant?
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The hosta plant comes in a variety of colors and sizes, each with its own unique requirements. The biggest difference has to do with the amount of shade the plant prefers. While all hosta plants thrive in the shade, some need more sunlight than others. To determine how much light a hosta plant needs, look at the color of its leaves. Lighter leaves need more sunlight, while darker leaves need more shade. Make sure that the hosta plant is placed in the appropriate location in the garden to avoid either withering it in too much direct sunlight or starving it in too much shade. Note that more sunlight also requires more watering as the light evaporates surface moisture.

Once the correct location is determined, the plant fully blooms after four to six years. During this growing period, make sure to add fertilizer during the spring. Also watch to ensure that the leaves are not being eaten by various animals and bugs. Slugs can be kept away by sprinkling sand around the plant, while deer are warded off by the smell of daffodils.

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