How Do You Care for a Hibiscus Tree?


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Hibiscus trees prefer full sun, warm temperatures and moist soil. For optimum growth, water the hibiscus daily and apply fertilizer at least once a month during growing season.

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Potted hibiscus trees should be taken indoors before temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and require the equivalent of an inch of rain weekly during the summer. If the tree is planted outdoors, choose an area that receives at least six hours of sunlight to encourage blooms.

Add a layer of high potassium compost after the last frost, or use a commercial fertilizer that is high in potassium at least once a month during growing season. Potted hibiscus can be moved indoors before the first frost of the season. Water the tree only when the soil feels dry after moving it inside for the winter.

Hibiscus trees can be transplanted into a slightly larger container during early spring or autumn. Prune the tree after transplanting to compensate for any root loss. Add a high potassium compost to the new growing medium, and water the hibiscus tree well before and after the move. The tree may also be pruned as needed to maintain the size and shape of the tree. Hibiscus trees should not be watered too often and can be treated with commercial pesticides if insects invade the tree.

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