How Do You Care for Heuchera Plants?

How Do You Care for Heuchera Plants?

Care for heuchera plants by exposing them to the proper amount of sunlight, using the right type of soil, watering the plants well, pruning the plants regularly, mulching the plants, and dividing the plants. You need well-drained soil, pruning scissors, mulch and water.

  1. Find a good location

    Place the plants in a location that has slightly acidic, well-drained soil and exposure to plenty of sunlight. Avoid exposing the plant to too much sun. Direct sun can scorch or wash out the leaves.

  2. Water the plants

    Take care to provide sufficient water for each plant.

  3. Prune the plants

    Prune the heuchera plants regularly by removing faded flowers. Using a pair of pruning scissors, cut the flowering stalk down to the ground. This encourages the plant to grow more foliage.

  4. Mulch the plants

    Add a thick layer of mulch around the crown of the plant after the ground freezes to protect it from the cold.

  5. Divide the plants

    Every three years, dig up the plant, and divide to keep it at a manageable size and prevent the center of the plant from dying.

  6. Replant the heuchera as necessary

    Replant the heuchera if the roots become exposed. If the plant is in an area that is too damp or shady, remove it to a drier area in order to prevent fungal diseases.