How Do You Take Care of a Guzmania?

Proper care of a Guzmania bromeliad involves putting clean water in the plant’s central cup, keeping the plant in a place with moderate shade and adding small amounts of liquid fertilizer during the growing season. You should regularly change the water to prevent the plant from rotting.

Do not use tap water for Guzmania bromeliads. Light watering is advisable during cold weather. Place the plants in an environment with a temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Guzmania typically flourish in any soil mixture, as they are air plants that only use their roots for support.

Guzmania bromeliads thrive in humid and warm surroundings, but do not respond well to direct sunlight. In case of exposure to cold temperatures, immediately replace the content of the central cup with warmer water.

Place new Guzmania bromeliads sprouts in individual pots or leave them alone and let them cluster. Newly potted bromeliads need adequate support, as they sometimes fall over due to their initially weak root systems. Once the bromeliads grow big, transfer them to 4-inch or 6-inch pots until they blossom. Make sure to use pots with a sturdy base as mature bromeliads are top heavy and can fall over. Repotting is not necessary for mature bromeliads.