How Do You Care for a Golden Euonymus Hedge Plant?


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To care for golden euonymus, plant the shrub in a location with full sun and well-draining soil. Water the plant weekly, or more often in hot, dry conditions. Fertilize euonymus in early spring and again in autumn, and use a layer of cypress or hardwood mulch around the base of the plant to provide additional nutrients. Prune the plant in the spring to shape it, and examine the plant for pests and disease regularly.

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When planting euonymus, mix equal parts high-quality topsoil with the native soil, and use the mixture to cover the root ball. Check the soil daily for the first two weeks after planting to ensure the soil is moist, but avoid overwatering. After the roots are established, begin watering the plant weekly.

When fertilizing euonymus, use a standard fertilizer that is diluted to the weakest recommended strength. To prevent root damage, avoid fertilizing the plant in late summer, and do not fertilize newly transplanted euonymus.

Prune the plant in spring after blooms appear by trimming the desired branches off above a leaf, or by cutting the longest branches where they meet the main branch. When used as ground cover, euonymus doesn't need to be pruned. If pests or disease, such as scale or powdery mildew, are present, apply an appropriate treatment immediately to prevent damage.

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