How Do You Care for Geraniums?


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Care for geraniums by planting them carefully, watering them properly, pruning when needed and over-wintering with care. Geraniums can be moved from outdoors to inside to allow for their continued growth when frosts and cold weather draw near.

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  1. Plant carefully

    Plant geraniums outside once the danger of frost has passed. Dig a hole twice the size of the plant's root ball. Add compost, then plant the geranium at the same level as the stem was in the pot. To plant in an outdoor container, ensure the soil drains well, and add compost for best results.

  2. Water properly

    Outdoor geraniums need approximately 1 inch of water per week. If rainfall is not sufficient, hand water the plants. Allow the soil to dry before watering again. Be careful not to over-water potted, indoor plants, and if the soil feels cool and moist, do not water. Only water when the soil feel dry. Drain the water from the pot's tray after a few minutes to prevent root rot and other problems.

  3. Prune when needed

    To keep geraniums blooming and thriving, cut the plant back after it blooms to help it put out new growth and continue to bloom. Remove dry leaves to help the plant stay healthy. Indoor geraniums should be pruned to help the stem and branches grow strong and sturdy. Pinch the growth points to focus the plant's attention on growing fuller, not taller.

  4. Over-winter carefully

    Bring outdoor geraniums inside before the first frost. They do better in slightly cooler, damper environments during the winter. The plants need plenty of light; a grow light often provides the right amount of light and warmth to get them through until spring. As soon as it is warm enough, take the geraniums back outside.

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