How do you take care of gardenias?


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To take care of a gardenia plant, water it at least weekly, and apply a 2- to 4-inch layer of organic mulch to keep the soil moist and prevent weeds. Feed the plant with acidifying fertilizer monthly during the growing season.

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How do you take care of gardenias?
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If your gardenia plant is inside the house, keep it away from direct sunlight, but allow it to get bright light. Ensure it has access to high humidity. Dry air causes flowers to drop from the plant. Use a humidifier or group plants together on a tray to help improve the humidity in the area. Keep the soil moist, and be sure not to overwater.

Gardenia plants can also be grown outdoors, but they are vulnerable to harsh wintry seasons. Therefore, consider planting them during the fall or spring seasons. Keep them in a partial shed, and plant them in well-drained acidic soil. Healthy outdoor gardenia plants are likely to withstand the cold winter seasons.

Prune your gardenias during early spring to encourage more flowering and shape the bush. Check periodically for pests such mealybugs and white flies, and eliminate them using insecticidal soap. Be careful not to add excess fertilizer as it can lead to salt accumulation, which damages the plant.

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